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Long Beach Historical Society: Preserving the Past in Long Beach, NY


Nestled within the vibrant community of Long Beach, New York, the Long Beach Historical Society stands as a beacon preserving this coastal town's rich heritage and history. Dedicated to safeguarding the stories and artifacts of the area, it serves as a vital repository of the region's past. Learn information about Long Beach, NY.


Preservation Efforts

The Historical Society diligently collects, archives, and showcases artifacts, documents, photographs, and memorabilia that narrate the evolution and cultural tapestry of Long Beach. Exhibitions and educational programs offer insight into the town's history, from its early settlers to its transformation into a bustling beachside community. Discover facts about Ocean Beach Park: A Recreational Haven in Long Beach, NY.

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Community Engagement

The Society actively fosters community engagement by organizing events, lectures, and tours that shed light on Long Beach's historical significance. It is an invaluable resource for residents and visitors eager to delve into the town's past.


Advocacy and Education

Beyond preservation, the Historical Society advocates conserving historic landmarks and structures within Long Beach. It also offers educational opportunities for schools and individuals, encouraging a deeper appreciation for the town's heritage.


Cultural Treasure

As a custodian of Long Beach's history, the Long Beach Historical Society stands as a cultural treasure, ensuring that the town's legacy continues to thrive and inspire future generations.

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