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Long Beach Historical Society: Guardians of the City's Past


Founded with a passion for preserving Long Beach's rich history, the Long Beach Historical Society is a crucial institution dedicated to safeguarding and sharing the city's cultural heritage. Long Beach, NY information can be seen at this link.

Archives and Collections:

At the heart of the Historical Society is its extensive archive, housing a diverse collection of artifacts, photographs, documents, and memorabilia that chronicle Long Beach's evolution. These meticulously preserved items are invaluable resources for researchers, historians, and curious locals eager to explore the city's past. Information about Clark Street Playground: A Playful Oasis in Long Beach, NY can be found here.


Educational Initiatives:

The Historical Society actively engages the community through educational programs, lectures, and exhibits. By organizing events that showcase Long Beach's history, the society fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of the city's unique identity among residents and visitors alike.

Preservation Efforts:

In addition to archival work, the Historical Society plays a pivotal role in advocating for preserving historical landmarks, ensuring that structures with cultural significance continue to contribute to the city's character.


The Long Beach Historical Society stands as a beacon, illuminating the city's vibrant past and inspiring a collective sense of pride and connection among its residents. Through their dedicated efforts, the society preserves Long Beach's history for current and future generations to cherish.

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