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Long Beach Boardwalk: A Coastal Oasis in Long Beach, NY


The Long Beach Boardwalk in Long Beach, New York, spans approximately 2.2 miles along the Atlantic coastline. Initially constructed in 1914, this iconic structure holds historical significance as a vital part of the city's identity and recreation. Information can be found here.


Scenic Beauty and Activities

This wooden pathway offers panoramic ocean views, making it a hotspot for leisurely walks, jogging, cycling, and skateboarding. Adorned with benches, colorful flora, and public art installations, the boardwalk creates an inviting ambiance for visitors seeking relaxation or engaging in various recreational pursuits. Its proximity to the beach allows for sunbathing, swimming, volleyball, and surfing, catering to diverse interests. See here for information about Shell Creek Park: A Tranquil Haven in Island Park, NY.


Community Gathering and Events

The boardwalk serves as a focal point for community gatherings, hosting events, concerts, festivals, and markets throughout the year. These activities contribute to the vibrant social fabric of Long Beach, fostering a sense of unity among residents and visitors.


Resilience and Renovation

Despite facing challenges like Hurricane Sandy in 2012, the boardwalk underwent extensive renovation, incorporating resilient materials and sustainable design, ensuring its durability while preserving its natural beauty.



The Long Beach Boardwalk remains an enduring symbol of Long Beach's coastal allure, blending history, scenic beauty, and community engagement into a treasured destination for all to cherish.

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