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Bayswater Park: A Tranquil Haven in Queens, NY


Queens, New York, has a wealth of parks and recreational spaces. One such gem is Bayswater Park, a serene and picturesque destination that offers respite from the city's hustle and bustle. Learn information about Long Beach, NY.


Location and Accessibility

Bayswater Park is located in the Bayswater neighborhood of Far Rockaway, Queens, providing a peaceful escape along the shores of Jamaica Bay. It is easily accessible by car and public transportation, with the A train and several bus routes making it a convenient spot for both locals and visitors. Discover facts about Beach 30th Street Playground: A Hidden Gem in Queens, NY.

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Scenic Beauty and Waterfront Views

This waterfront park is renowned for its stunning views of Jamaica Bay. Visitors can take in breathtaking sunsets over the water and observe local wildlife, including waterfowl and marine life. The scenic beauty of Bayswater Park makes it an ideal spot for relaxation and photography.


Recreational Amenities

The park offers various recreational amenities, including basketball courts, playgrounds, and open green spaces for picnicking and sports activities. Fishing enthusiasts can try their luck from the park's fishing pier, which extends into Jamaica Bay.


Community Gathering Place

Bayswater Park hosts various community events, from outdoor concerts to family-friendly festivals, fostering a sense of unity among the neighborhood's residents.



Bayswater Park in Queens, NY, is a hidden oasis that combines natural beauty with recreational opportunities and a strong sense of community. Whether you're seeking solitude by the water, an afternoon of play, or a place to gather with friends and neighbors, this park offers it all, making it a cherished asset to Queens' diverse landscape.

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